We believe frames for glasses need the continuous quality because of daily use under various conditions. So we give orders to manufactures with skilled workers who can complete a number of delicate procedures without cutting corners. We offer such high-quality products in various ways to our customers. We always have to meet the condition that you must feel comfortable in wearing glasses every day. We try to improve the fit of our glasses considering the make-up of the temple, the weight and balance of glasses, and the shape of the temple tips which touch your face.
Each model comes in from 10 to 20 color variations in order to suit various tastes, diversity of styles, and user’s requests. We put expression into metal frames which tend to fewer variations in color by giving them transcribed patterns, which is a quite new technique. We think everyone has their own taste, so this is why we offer many fun style. Our company is a family business, so we have the advantage of being able to make goods from the viewpoint of our customers, which is rather difficult for major manufactures. To form ideas from the opinions of our users, we adhere to the lot production to maintain quality that will not betray our customers. These are times when we have abundant goods and information available, therefore, we believe we need to pursue PERFECTION.

Toshitaka Yamamoto (Planning and Operating Manager)

We want to make good glasses and we think about it every day. We think that the voice which can be obtained since it is you, the shop and a user, under such circumstances is my property. Also in the model made until now, many things which became a form also have your voice. If there are a demand, advice, etc., please mail without reserve. I need your help well.

Company Name Yamamoto Optical Co..
Head Office Toyoshima 2-7-9, Fukui-shi, Fukui 910-0857, Japan
Phone # +81-776-22-0105
Fax # +81-776-22-3946
Established June, 1964
Lines of Business Glasses frame planning and sale
Representative Mitsunao Yamamoto